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Product Care


Now it is time to sit back enjoy the quality workmanship with friends and family for the years to come.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with you to complete your project and encourage you to tell others about your experience.

Plants & Trees

Water every other day over the next two to four weeks, and then a couple of times per week or weather pending. A good soaking to ensure the water gets to the roots of the plants and trees.


If you have any evergreens or specimen plants in your garden, wrap in burlap to prevent damage from ice, snow and salt. 



Soak daily for 2 weeks and throughout any drought times this summer. A little rain does not warrant to skip watering (unless it's a really good downpour).

automatic sprinkler system watering the


Please stay off driveway for a minimum of 48 hours, but 72 hours is preferred and recommended. 

In warmer temperatures, please water the driveway to cool down the driveway and help the asphalt cure. A sprinkler can be used. 


Good practice to not “dry steer” (turning when the vehicle is not in motion) on the driveway as it can damage the driveway especially being new.

Road surface, black asphalt paving mater

Concrete Products

Do not use salt/deicer products. Sand is recommended

Efflorescence is a deposit of white crystals that can sometimes appear on the surface of the concrete. It does not, in any way, compromise the functionality of the product. With rain, and time, efflorescence will disappear.


Natural Stone Products

Power washing after installation brings out the natural variation and vibrant colour in the stone. 

It is recommended not to use salt during the winter season on any natural stone products as it can cause fading and damage to stone. We recommend using sand for traction instead.

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